My first encounter with the bully.

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My Husband Is Not Paying Me Spousal Support. The Transcripts Are NOT ACCURATE! If you are investigating please contact me OR read everything! I was a housewive for 12 years. My husband made $180,0000 in 2018

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My first appearance in front of Judge Heidel was January 2, 2019. I am not sure why we appeared. I was hoping I could have some sort of supposal support. My white husband of 23 years moved out on January 5, 2018. My husband is a highly functioning alcoholic, who had been fighting demons for years. For a year I struggled financially while waiting for him to get his head together. I, at this time, had no income. In 2008 I sustained a horrific back injury, that left me debilitated. My obligation was over $3,000 a month. The court’s Self-Help center told me Judge Sarah Heidel would address the supposal support during the first hearing. I would like to walk you through my 1st experience and demonstrate my mental state. I was rear ended on December 7, 2018 while driving Ride Share. I was suffering from severe concussion syndrome and whiplash. If you review the transcripts, it’s clear. I am confused, anxious and desperate for some sort of support. 

I wasn’t aware of who my spouse’s attorney was, or the process of the proceedings. An associate attorney from the firm my husband hired, walked over to me, and I greeted her. I addressed the Opposing Attorney by saying, “ I am sorry, so sorry , Ma’am. I haven’t had the pleasure. 

            (Transcript date Jan 7, 2019 line 9 page2)

Judge Heidel (The Court): We’re in a hearing now. So, you can have the small talk afterwards. I want to know what the issues are for trial in your case. I am going to start with counsel because she represents the petitioner. And then I’ll turn to you. I realize this may be typical of a judge’s demeanor, but this was the beginning of her blatant disrespect and obvious show of bias against me. 

(Transcript date January 7,2019 line 28 Page 2) 

(Transcript date Jan 7, 2019 line 1 page 3)  March 13 and 14 Please take note of these dates, they become relevant later in my documentation. 

The Respondent: I’d like to preface with saying to you that I’m experiencing some health issues. So, I recently was in an accident, and I have a concussion. So, it takes me a little longer to process what you’re saying. So, if you could be patient with me. I am not really clear what the purpose of this— I need spousal  support because James just left, and he abandoned me without paying. ( I was really struggling cognitively during this time)

(transcripts line 10 page 3)

If you read through the transcripts you will see a woman who is truly struggling. She was left by her abusive husband of 23 years who was the primary wage earner. I walked into this court thinking that this woman would give me some relief. I explained to her that I have had ongoing medical issues and was recently in a collision. According to the self-help, she would address the supposal support issue this day. 

Judge Heidel’s response, The Court: I’m going to make the comment you seem to be very lucid at times and then you slow down your speech a lot and seem more confused when you talk about your injuries. I ‘m not sure what’s going on with you, but it’s noticeable. I was suffering from a concussion, Concussion Syndrome. Why is she pointing out what I had already clearly stated? I was suffering! When she said those words to me, I really didn’t understand what she said. But I knew she said something derogatory by her demeanor and the bailiff’s demeanor. I later read the transcripts, then learned what she actually said. This appears to be a simple observation, but her cynical accusatory demeanor persisted in every one of my encounters with Judge Sarah Heidel. markes the beginning of weighted evidence of Judge Sarah Heidel’s discriminatory treatment of me.

Please take note, I explained to her that I was struggling, because I had health issues I couldn’t work. I was borrowing money. Her making this comment was again, her prejudging me as a black woman. As if there was something negative about my behavior. I was a woman who was left by her cheating husband of 23 years. In an attempt to provide for myself I drove for ride-share companies that ended up being less than minimum wage, and I sustained a horrible injury when I was just recovering from a severe back injury and back surgery. The judge is trying to negatively characterize me because I am a black woman. 

I begged her to provide some type of relief. She refused. She was impatient and condescending. She has maintained this condescending demeanor at every hearing. You can see her body language or her facial expression. She is always nasty to me. (I hope the press will attend the future hearings to observe how nasty she treated me.)

 The court: He did, but he was served a notice for February 7, 2019. So that’s the day we’re going to have spousal support hearing. And we will continue the trial setting conference to that date.  ( I am highlighting this statement because I want to demonstrate how she is concerned about his rights, and h0w he is being treated fairly and having proper notice

(Transcripts date Jan 7, 2019 line 1-4 page 8)

Continue reading how Judge Sarah Heidel abuses her power by bullying me and not abiding by the law she is supposed to uphold.

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