Brazen Racist Sarah Heidel continues to violate my rights!! With help from other participants.


I have a serious issue with train of thought, please bare with me?

This is becoming one nightmare after the other! Allow me to point out my already compromised mental state. This level of stress in the life of a black woman is more common than not. As American, you have a responsibility to be aware and if possible make a difference.

During this time I know that I have to take legal action. I attempted to filed a Motion to Disqualify Judge Sarah Heidel for Racial Bias and Misconduct and I tried to appeal one of Judge Sarah rulings. I also filed a formal complaint with the Commission on Judicial Performance. These events seriously should be investigated by the appropriate government departments. I am hoping someone reading can give suggestions on how to have my case investigated.

Most importantly is my filing of a Motion to Disqualify for Racial Bias and Misconduct. My previous attorney told me I would have to file a Motion to Disqualify. I went to the Pomona Court to file a Motion to Disqualify. I received resistance. I went to a young Asian girl. I can’t remember her name, although I’ve asked her name. She didn’t know what to do, she called her supervisor Arturo Quintero. Mr Quintero refused to file the complaint. He told me he has to ask the Judge. He refused to give me a court date. I asked him why, he threatened to call security on me. To non-black readers, this is common that people in authority threaten our freedom.

The next week, I received an answer from the judge stating she wasn’t properly served. Mr. Arturo Quintero never acknowledges filing the motion. Usually, I would have been given a court date. Then I would go to the sheriff to have the opposing party served.

To my original Thesis regarding the Central Park Five. In order for such grave injustice to occur, there must be multiple complicit parties. How did FIVE innocent minority men be convicted of a crime they didn’t commit within the “theoretical American justice system” ?

Complicit: choosing to be involved in an illegal or questionable act, especially with others; having complicity.

I am struggling throughout this horrific ordeal. I am not sleeping, but I have to stand up to this racist Judge Sarah Heidel. I have to address these two rulings. Remember Judge Sarah Heidel unlawfully ruled against me in a Motion to Compel and sanctioned me $1500. Please be aware this is intentional action to compromise my position in this divorce because I am a black woman and my husband is a white male. Her actions must be viewed as Misconduct. Judge Sarah Heidel has no legal basis for her ruling.

I filed two different motions. One Motion to Reconsider Motion to Compel Discovery and the 2nd Motion to Compel Vocational Evaluation. I filed the two on different days because they were different issues that the opposing attorney attempted to confuse by making them related issues. She is very aware that Judge Sarah Heidel is partial to my white husband. Judge Sarah Heidel unlawful ruled against me. She ruled against me going against the law.

see here… post on robing room where other litigant post on July 2019 that Judge Sarah Heidel does not follow public policy RobingRoom

I am struggling throughout the summer with migraines. After I had the rear-end collision I developed severe migraine headaches. But, I must protect myself to my best ability. I need to stand up to racist Judge Sarah Heidel. Throughout the summer I suffered from anxiety and these debilitating migraine. The week of my court date I didn’t sleep the entire week. The migraines were at their worst. The slightest noise or light was unbearable. My doctor prescribed Imitrex back in March of 2019. I needed to have a clear head for court. I was so scared because I haven’t slept. I took an Imitrex around 8 pm the night before. It barely provided any relief, the Imitrex only worsened my insomnia. I suffered throughout the night. I ended up taking an ambient around. I knew there was no way I could appear in court. I contacted my son, I told him to please call the court and make them aware that I couldn’t make it.

I called the court multiple times to have the court date put back on the calendar. Left multiple messages. I never received a response. I looked on line I saw Judge Sarah Heidel moved our case to Los Angeles with Grand Dragon, Judge Lawrence Riff. I thought it was a good thing, but no white people stick together in these instances for the most part. With that said, Judge John Slauson ruled against my husband because my husband lost credibility during the case. People, please don’t think all white people do not have integrity. Some white people regardless of their feels about black people take their job and responsibility seriously. Judge Lawrence Riff, he is the type of judge that allows murders of black people to walk free.

Judge Lawrence P Riff aided and abet Judge Sarah Heidel in her hate crime.

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