The Restraining Order.

My husband was very angry about her order the $5000 for attorney fees, even though it was well below what was necessary. He was so angry that he went down to the clerk and filed a wrongful restraining order. He filed a restraining order in an attempt to influence spousal support. Our situation truly pains me. My husband is angry and vidinctive. Too be totally honest my husband is an alcoholic. I am extremely familiar with circumstances associates with alcoholism. Several of my relatives suffer from the disease of alcholosim. One of the common side effects is change in deamonor. I am sure you’ve heard of an angry drunk. Well my husband has progressively become more and more disenchanted with life. He has hired a lower who is taking advantage of his anger regarding the situation. She is using every page from the dirty hand book. Apparently filing a restraining order adds benefit in the case of spousal support. My husband went through a 12 year battle trying to evade paying child support in Washington County of Johnson City Tennessee. Here again he is trying to evade paying supposal.

Additional evidence of Judge Sarah Heidel bias against me, when I demonstrated that my husband was abusive it should have influence my award. Judge Sarah Heidel ignored the evidence I provided to demonstrate that my husband is an abusive alcoholic. You can find the evidence in court papers from the Hearing on March 14, 2019

My husband made up a story about coming to the house, saying that I assaulted him. I wasn’t properly served notice, but I responded anyway. I gave account of how he came to the house, and taunted me because Judge Heidel is racist. He even insuatend that he knew her. Judge Heidel lives in Pasadena, During this time my husband was a the COO of non profit agency that has ties with many state agency. The agency also hosted many functions in the Pasadena area. Previously Judge Heidel held office as a prosecutor. Based on how she treated me from the very 1st court hearing, I believed she knew my husband. My husband also waited an attire year before he asked for a court date in Pomona. Judge Sarah Heidel was appointed a seat in the Pomona Superior Court approximately one year before our first court day.  He filed in the Pomona County Court which doesn’t make sense considering where we live. 

Judge Heidel recused herself from hearing the Restraining order Hearing. (This alone demonstrates bias which should be grounds for recusal of the entire case, it infers that she isn’t capable of hearing our case without bias or prejudice)

Judge John Slawson ruled in my favor. See the transcripts. Judge John Slawson is a bit snarky, but he is snarky to my husband and myself. He acknowledges that my husband lied in his testimony. He also reviews the evidence. He questioned my husband and I about our account of what happened during said incident. He read the evidence in court, he asked both sides to review the evidence which is normal and usual. Judge Sarah Heidel has never conducted on hearing in this manner or followed any of these very common procedures. Judge John Slawson ave both parties that opportunity to ask questions. Judge Heidel did none of these things. I am not going to say Judge Slawson doesn’t have racial bias, but he is competent enough not to allow it to influence how he ran the case. He looked at me very suspect, he was surprised that I thanked him and was very respectful to him.  During that I am recording this info, I don’t have the money for the transcripts. When I am able to afford the transcripts I will include them.

This is the first and only judge who followed the law. Ruled based on the facts. The next hearing is the worst of the worst. Please continue. If you can offer any help. Please leave a comment or email me at

the world judge is misspelled in the email.

Please continue reading Judge Sarah Heidel’s White Racist Dictatorship Reign



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