Judge Sarah Heidel Blatant non-compliant with California Family Law Code.

I Married A White Guy Now Three Racist Judges are trying to Annihilate me.

Judge Sarah Heidel blatant violation of the law as it pertains to spousal support severely impact my living situation and my lifestyle. Judge Sarah Heidel failure to order financial supposal from my husband who earned in excess of $170,000 in 2018, forced me to apply for government assistance.

I received a noticed that I had a Food Stamp interview on March 14th. I called Judge Heidel’s clerk to ask if we can move the date. She put me on hold, then she came back saying if the opposing attorney agreed we could move the date. I contacted my husband’s attorney Ariel Carter via email. Please review my correspondence with Ms. Ariel Carter, listed below. 

(take note of the date and time for context of the communication) When I asked to have the date moved, she declined insinuate that she asked to have the date moved to March 13th, but I declined. This is an example of her lying. The court date was already on the 13th. She asked to move the date to the 14th during our last hearing. I declined during that hearing. She acknowledged that the judge moved the date. First, I didn’t get notice that  the date was moved and why it was moved. Then she insinuate the judge moved it for the purpose of economics. It is my understanding that I had to agree to move the date. I did not agree, also would like to know when was Ariel Carter notified of the change. I disagreed when Ariel Carter asked to move the date during our Feb. 7,2019 spousal support hearing. The Judge Sarah Heidel asked was I ok with moving the date, I declined. Judge Sarah Heidel even snickered because she knew I was upset about her ruling against order spousal support.

  Judge Heidel’s demeanor was curt towards me at every hearing. She didn’t make any reference to changing the March dates in court.

  • How was Ms. Carter notified of the change?
  • Did Ms. Ariel Carter have communication with Judge Heidel outside of my presents?
  • (Please take note of this incident. This incident relates to the point of fact that Judge Sarah Heidel showed bias in favor of my white husband. In the future there is a very relevant issue where I ask Judge Sarah Heidel to move a court date in an effort to resolve current and relevant legal issues in the marriage. Note the drastic change in Judge Heidel response to my request and what occurred when I need a court date moved.Also notice how she requested something out of the ordinary. )  What occurred when I asked to move the date, click he

Each court appearance I struggled with Judge Heidel.  I was without council; I had a severe cognitive impairment. The harder I tried to communicate with Judge Heidel the more resistant she became.  The next court appearance was March 14th. I would like to give some detail surrounding this court  March 14th court date that is pertinent to my position that Judge Heidel  is showing bias.  Originally there was two separate court dates scheduled. March 13th was the Motion to Request Vocational Evaluation filed by my husband. The 2nd court date was March 14th, the Request For Order that I filed a request for Attorney Fees filed by me.

The March 14th court hearing Judge Heidel continued to bully me and ignore the evidence, and testimony I provided.

            Early on in the hearing I attempted to get on a better foot with Judge Heidel. Review Court Transcripts date March 14, 2019.( Transcripts March 14th ) I tried  to explain that I was uneasy during the last hearing because the opposing attorney scared me during the pretrial conference by asking to move the Spousal Support Hearing. I attempted to explain that I had a challenge communicating because of my concussion.  Please review the transcripts. When I explained the medical challenges I was experiencing.  She questioned the validity of what I was saying. I attempted to point out to her when and how I submitted my medical records to the court for evidentiary purposes she reprimanded me. She bullies me throughout this hearing and every other hearing there after.   

This judge had been on the bench for only a year, look at the reviews from the Robing Room that supports my assertion that she blatantly abuses her power.

March 14th court transcripts Page 1 line 16-28 ( page 2 line 1-29) (page 3 line 1-28

Please notice how I point out to the court that I feel like the court is being hostile to me without cause. I am behaving like any other woman in divorce court, who isn’t represented and lack knowledge of courtroom etiquette. During the hearing for the Vocational Evaluation I state that I am not represented. I communicate that I would be open to revisiting the subject of the court once I am represented. Ironically, the hearing for attorney fees was heard the same day . The court recognizes that I have a right to counsel, but she rules against me when the law states I have right to an attorney .  In the name of justice and the fourteenth amendment I should have been represented.

Ca Code Family 2030 states the following

(a)(1) In a proceeding for dissolution of marriage, nullity of marriage, or legal separation of the parties, and in any proceeding subsequent to entry of a related judgment, the court shall ensure that each party has access to legal representation, including access early in the proceedings, to preserve each party’s rights by ordering, if necessary based on the income and needs assessments, If one party, except a governmental entity, to pay to the other party, or to the other party’s attorney, whatever amount is reasonably necessary for attorney’s fees and for the cost of maintaining or defending the proceeding during the pendency of the proceeding.

I am communicating to Judge Sarah Heidel that I would prefer an attorney. I explain in detail why I want to be represented,  according to California Family Code 2030  I have a right to be represented to be on an even playing field.  My rights under the Fourteenth Amended is being violated. (Page 6 line 3-6) I say, “I cannot really speak to it because I’m not an attorney. Now, I am at an extreme deficit because I’m not represented today.”   In the issue of law Judge Sarah Heidel declines my request and disregard California Family Code 2030, because I am a black woman and my husband is benefiting from White Privilge.

Please note I never declined the evaluation, I only wanted to be represented. Why didn’t she move the date to a time when I was represented? Is it unreasonable to expect the judge to move the hearing to a time when I have representation.

view court transcripts of the March 14th court date.) (Page 5-8)

Please notice that dynamics of our communication. I try to be as polite and respectful as possible. I ask can I speak? She responds as if of course you can. Each time I try to speak Judge Heidel  cuts me off. If you compare the Jim Crow south to how I am being treated, you will see a similarity. I know she is bias. I am trying everything in my power to communicate to  her how I feel I am being treated. To give her an opportunity to be aware that she is bullying me. She only persists in her bullying.**** find page line info

 I explained that I feel like I am in a bias jurisdiction and I am not being treated fairly in her court because I am a black woman. 

She inevitably ruled against me, in spite of me requesting that we re-address the issue when I am represented by an attorney.

Transcripts of March 14th Page 7 Line 20-28 continues on page 8 line 1-15)

Next Judge Heidel hears my request for attorney fees. REVIEW TRANSCRIPTS

Judge Heidel says it’s my turn. She ask me did I have something to add. I tell her I have a presentation. I am suffering from a severe concussion. I have taken pain killers for over 8 years because of a severe back injury. My cognitive skills are slow, so I must create a presentation and read from it to ensure that I am covering all issues and I that my cause isn’t adversely impacted by my issue with train of thought.

Page 9-10 of the transcripts is me continuing to try to speak. She cuts me off and interrupts me at every turn. I continue to vocalize that I know that I am being treated differently because I am a black woman. 

(Transcripts of March 14th Page 9 Line 12-28)

I don’t want to confuse things, but I want to point out how I am trying to communicate the court what is actually going on. How the opposing counsel is doing things outside the guideline and the procedures. 

The transcripts don’t appear to be accurate, also there are dashes — where there should be testimony. I believe testimony that will support that Judge Heidel is being prejudice against me is being omitted. 

In the hearing I request that my husband pays $20,000 in my attorney fees.During the hearing I read the California Family Code 2030. I pointed out that two different firms quoted me requesting a $10,000 retainer fee. I also state that according to a recent Income and Expense report that my husband had already paid $6000 in attorney fees as of Feb 7, 2019. Remember it is now March 14th, his attorney fees are only increasing. As of Aug 2019 my husband had paid over $40,000 in attorney fees. Notice he’s been

Please make note that I state that I submitted an email I received from one of my creditors that my credit score had dropped 120 points since February. California Laws state I am to live the life style which I am accustomed. Since Judge Heidel didn’t order spousal support award. I was unable to pay my creditors while my husband paid the creditors who were in his name. This goes back to the unfair spousal support award on Febrary 7, 2019, by Judge Sarah Heidel.


I want to point out on page 14 of the transcript’s March 14th court hearing line 25-28. Judge Heidel’s tells me I am speaking to0 fast. I apologized to Chani who is the court reporter.  This part doesn’t appear on the transcripts. Judge Heidel reprimand me for apologizing to the court reporter. She tells me not to address her. This portion isn’t in the transcripts. Judge Heidel demeanor changes because she realizes that I know the court reporters name.

In my testimony I detailed the amount income my husband has, I document with compelling evidence. I point out that he lied about the mutual fund saying it is $25,000 when the Financial Statement shows it is $35,000. This is relevant because later on I accuse my husband and his attorney of lying. She never acknowledged their less than honest tactics. 

I express that he is trying to hide funds, that I need to hire an attorney to execute a proper subpoena to find the money he is hiding. This is relevant to the minimal amount she eventually awards me. 

I go on to say that yes he pays the mortgage, he has paid the mortgage for the last 10 years. That paying the mortgage is paying for real property that he has a vested interest. That if it should be consider supposal support only half of the payment should be considered supposal support. 

I have no money,  no income.) I explained how my husband has lied about money, accusing me of spending frivolously. I submitted evidence that he is lying.  I submitted years worth of emails demonstrating me trying to gain employment. Emails were I am begging employers to please give me a job. When I said to her I have begged. She gave me the dirties look. Again, she bullies me. She never reviewed one shred of evidence that I submitted. This is the tactic of people in power in the Jim Crow south. It is obvious to see the correlations between racist southern judges of the south and Judge Sarah Heidel.

In my testimony I articulate my husband was involved in a 12 year child support case. How he tried to evade paying for child support. It is clear if he will not pay for his daughter, he is going to do everything in  his power to evade spousal support. (this testimony should have influenced the amount she awarded for spousal support) My husband had a 12 year child support battle with The state of Tennessee Washington County. Instead of paying child support his daughters mother received public assistance( very similar to me receiving food stamps). When I met my husband he had over $100,000 in savings possibly more. This is the amount that he gifted to our marriage. My husband was also raised by a wealthy family. He went to Ivy League colleges for undergrad and graduate school all paid by his parents. There is no reason why he couldn’t have paid child support. My husband was raised in small town in Tennessee. His father was a reputable doctor, who also had ownership in the local bank. This didn’t stop the white male district attorney from pursuing my husband for child support. I find this so ironic. His daughter’s mother is also black. This didn’t influence the child support enforcement in Johnson City TN. The district attorney pursued my husband not being influence by his white privilege or that fact that the mother of the child was a black woman receiving government assistance.

 I give testimony of the annual gift that my husband receives. He has previously denied receiving this gift after 2012. But this is a lie. I am giving testimony that I will need pretrial funds to investigate his actual finances. 

My husband is a blatant liar. His parent gift us an annual gift of $25k to $50k every year. His mom would also send an extra check for my daughter. To demonstrate how evil my husband is. I believe it was 2017, mom sent our daughter a check for $2500 for Christmas along with a check for $26,000 to my husband and I. During this time my husband’s alcoholism was at it’s worst. The day the check game, I didn’t open it. He would usually tell me to open it while he was at work to see how much she sent. This time I left it on the hall table. He was upstairs drinking. He says. Open the letter to see how much it was. There are 2 checks. During this time my daughter was away at school. Later on, I mentioned to her about the check. She said, daddy didn’t mention the check. I later spoke to him, I asking him to give me the money to put in a joint account my daughter and I shared while she was away at college. He said, Did you tell her about the check? I said, yes I told her. I told him to give her, her money.

Transcript date March 14th Page 20 line 13-21)

I give testimony that my husband was abusive. 

(Transcripts from March 14th Page 20 line 25-28)

(I ask Judge Heidel if I could question him, but she declined. I am not sure what my rights were because during the Restraining Order Court hearing that was heard by another Judge John Slawson , Judge Slawson gave us the opportunity to question each other. This hearing heard by Judge John Slawson is very important. I will address it later. Why is Judge Sarah Heidel not allowing me to question my husband in open court? What is her reasoning other than bias.

Transcripts from March 14th Page 21 line 4-12) 

Judge Heidel accuses me of being disrespectful. Then she lies about my demeanor and then reprimand me for calling her Ms. I was never disrespectful. This is her bullying me. She is attempting to try to make me appear like an angry black woman. In the subsequent hearing with Judge Slawson. I apologize to him for calling him Mr. He responds by saying he isn’t offended. Judge Heidel is clearly bullying me. Each incident I would like to highlight this is a Point of Fact. She continues to demonstrate bias towards me. The judges obligation is to listen to the fact without prejudice or bias. Her continued show of negative emotions towards me is an indication of her bias. Her bias because I am a black woman. Judge Sarah Heidel’s abusive negative demeanor towards me is a Point of Fact.

If you are a lawyer or have legal knowledge, suggestions or is able to help in any way. Please please detail comments. http://JugdeSarahHeidelisaracist@gmail.com

(Transcripst March 14 page 22 line 4 ) 

I address her attempting to say I am disrespectful. I ask her if I was white would she see me as disrespectful. It is important that you read the these two pages. 

(Transcripst March 14 page 22 and 23.)

I state that I feel like I am being reprimanded to infer that I am being difficult because she is trying to  depict me as an angry black woman. This is that Sambo doctrine. Talking down to me. As if I am a lazy, ignorant shiftless nigger

Photo credit Please notice in the photo the black man is begging the white boy. I was unable to locate a photo depicting such treatment of black women. We know black woman aren’t perceived any different than black men. Just like other women, we have no voice.

(transcripts March 14 page 24 lie 20-24)

I point out that I think she has preconceived notions because the color of my skin. I explained that I was clinically depressed because I was in an abusive relationship. I attempted to help depressed women with a business. I created with a method called Fashion Therapy. I offered her to read my journals that showed my state of mind for the past 10 years. She looked at me in disgusted.

Transcripts March 14 page 25 lie 17-25) 

When is attorney spoke. I laughed because his attorney was blatantly lying. I said to her that it is disturbing that she is being so critical to me. When they behave in the same way, she ignores them, but reprimands me. My husband made a sarcastic laugh when I spoke about him moving to California to evade child support. She didn’t acknowledge his inappropriate outburst.

Transcripts March 14 page 30 lne 22-28)

The opposing attorney makes reference to the dissomaster. The fraudulent Dissomaster that the court created during our spousal support hearing.

Transcripts March 14 page 32 line 3-12) 

 Again, she begins to bully me. She accuse me of pointing my finger at her when I make reference to her ignoring the evidence. This is classic racial bias behavior. Racist in power and authority in America has a history of turning the tables and accusing the victim of inappropriate behavior I also state that she refuses to review the evidence that I submitted to the court.

Transcripts March 14 page 33 line 3-12)

(Transcripts March 14 page 33-34) Judge Heidel makes reference to income that she said she imputed. I didn’t understand. Then she clarifies by saying, “imputed means the income you could be making.” I do not have a lawyer, I don’t understand what the law says about imputed income. I had recently suffered serious injuries in a Lyft accident. Please take note that I earned below the minimal wage while driving Lyft. I was struggling to earn money. I was sitting in a car for more than 10 hours a day to earn this money. Remember each time I mentioned about my medical records that I submitted she ignores them. Judge Sarah Heidel does not look at one item of evidence that I submitted.

(Transcripts March 14 page34 line 23-25)  The transcrips makes reference to black women in America being considered angry and mad. That is not what  said. I responded to her, “I know I am an angry black woman” I don’t understand how the court reporter record information, but there are many incorrect statements or omission of statements. 

(Transcripts March 14 page36) The court rules that my husband pays only $5000. She makes reference to the the nature of the case. Her exact words. Extensive Discovery is not necessary, although some investigation and the assistance from experts may be necessary. This is a 23 year marriage, I have already demonstrated that my husband is less than honest and will attempt to evade paying what is fair. This is a family court judge, it isn’t reasonable to believe that I can hire an attorney to handle pre-trial divorce case of 23 years for $5000. Especially considering my husband had already paid over $6000 to his attorney by the date of this hearing. Please take note as of Sept 2019 my husband had paid $40,000 in attorney fees.

My husband was very angry about her order the $5000, even though it was well below what was necessary. He was so angry that he went down to the clerk and filed a wrongful restraining order. He made up a story about coming to the house and saying that I assaulted him. I wasn’t properly served notice, but I responded anyway. I gave account of how he came to the house, and taunted me because Judge Heidel is racist. He even insuatend that he knew her. Judge Heidel lives in Pasadena, My husband is the COO of non profit that has ties with many state agency. The agency also host many functions in the Pasadena area. Previously Judge Heidel held office as a prosecutor. Based on how she treated me from the very 1st court hearing, I believed she knew my husband. My husband also waited an attire year before he asked for a court date in Pomona. Judge Sarah Heidel was appointed her seat approximately one year before our first court day.  He filed in the Pomona County Court which doesn’t make sense considering where we live.

Judge Heidel recused herself from hearing the Restraining order Hearing. (This alone is shows grounds for recusal of the entire case, it infers that she isn’t capable of hearing our case without bias or prejudice)

Judge Slauson ruled in my favor. See the transcripts. Judge Slauson is a bit snarky, but he is snarky to my husband and myself. He acknowledges that my husband lied in his testimony. He also reviews the evidence. He reads the evidence in court, he asked both sides to review the evidence which is normal and usual. He gives both parties that opportunity to ask questions. Judge Heidel did none of these things. I am not going to say Judge Slauson doesn’t have racial bias, but he is competent enough not to allow it to influence how he ran the case. He looked at suspect, he was surprised that I thanked him and was very respectful to him. As of time that I am recording this info, I don’t have the money for the transcripts. When I am able to afford the transcripts I will include them.

I needed to hire an attorney. Alethia Jackson is the co-council for my husband. During the 1st court appearance on January 2, 2019 she appeared on behalf of my husband. After the case we talked while walking to the elevator.  She acknowledge that Judge Heidel was being nasty to me. She didn’t come out and say it, but she alluded to it. Black professionals have a way of acknowledging racial discrimination without directly saying, he/she is a racist. It is a way of protecting ourselves. She was very nice to me. I received good vibes from her. I called her to asked her to recommend an Black Attorney. I did so because I trusted her, and I felt like if she could recommend someone that she knew it could make the divorce less combative. 

I attempted to hire an attorney with the $5000 Judge Heidel awarded me. I hired Simon Budwani with C.O.R.E. I was very impressed with this gentleman. I felt like he was God sent. He realize that the $5000 wasn’t enough for a marriage of this nature of 23plus years. I currently had a  Motion to Reconsider for the supposal support. Simon’s plan was to move the court dates to a future date in July. He would file a RFO( additional monetary award for attorney fees) Because I am not an attorney, I am not knowledgeable of the particular for a Motion to Reconsider, Simon would  update the Motion To Reconsider. He contacted the opposing attorney, Ariel Carter to ask if she agreed to move the dates. Please see the email correspondence below. 

The $5000 award was well below what is necessary in a marriage of 23 years, with the specific issues within my divorce. Simon Butwani was trying to use the award as economical as possible. CORE admit sent me document to sign and asked that I provide a credit card. After being in a car accident and substaining injuries, I was unable to drive Lyft anymore. I expected the judge to award some type of fincial support on Feburary 7, spousal hearing. I was unable to pay my credit card. My card were all maxed out. So again Simon was going to attempt to combine all matters, and ask for additional monies for attorney fees. When he and I spoke, he believe that the case warrented additional attorney’s fees and he could make an argument. 

When an associate attorney Charles called the clerk to ask to move the court date, the clerk Deana told him that someone had to appear. I want you to take note, that when I called to have the March 14, 2019 date move I was told as long as the opposing party agreed it would be fine. In this case ,Judge Heidel instructed the clerk to say someone must appear. Ariel Carter agreed to appear and request a continuance. She said she would be at the court on other matters. This sounds very fishy to me at the very beginning. Now I am going to detail you on what happened at this May 3rd court hearing that I thought was being moved. 

I  am going to direct you to the May 3rd (transcripts Page 1 line 28 and page 2 line (1-2)}  My husband’s attorney Ariel Carter explains to Judge Heidel that both parties were requesting a continuance. She even acknowledges that the continuance was necessary because I now had representation. In the name of fairness, I should have an attorney. Judge Heidel begins her rant against me. She states that asking for a continuance isn’t a good reason not to appeal. She is alluding to the idea that she wasn’t aware that Charles Major an associate at CORE called, the clerk responded that someone needed to appear. 

Testimony from May 3rds hearing May 3rd Transcripts Page 2 line 9-18) Ms. Carter: I understand,  your honor. My understanding is that respondent’s counsel was retained Limited Scope to continue this matter and to file an additional  RFO.  There are several  RFO ’s on the court’s calendar right now. And in a effort to try to consolidate some of the matters and hopefully resolve some of the matters, we did agree to continue today’s hearing out to a date in July, As well as advance respondence June 14th and continue that as well. 

Judge Heidel denied the continuance. She implied that my attorney just didn’t appear, as if he did something that wasn’t normal and usual  Simon Budhwani  from what I know is an reputable skilled attorney. He wouldn’t just not show up to court. Simon Budwani received the $5000 attorney fees payment made by my husband. He could have just appeared and billed me. 

Please see Simon’s credentials 

Simon Budhwani is a founding partner of Core Law Group, LLP.  He is well recognized in the legal community—Super Lawyer Rising Star Awards, the NAFLA Top Ten Under 40 Award, and the Orange County Metro Magazine Top Lawyer Award.  He has represented clients inside and outside the courtroom, including a spot on Nancy Grace for his role in a Real Housewives of Orange County custody battle.  He’s received recognition in legal academics, earning Dean’s List & Amjur recognition, serving as editor of the Journal of Juvenile law, and publishing his own work.  He served as a Sub-Committee Chair for both the American Bar Association and the Orange County Bar Association.

The clerk acknowledges that Charles Major called. Judge Heidel goes on  to imply that they were out of line. They were simply trying to consolidate the dates. 

Charles Major with C.O.R.E law group called the clerk to request a continuance. Charles spoke to the clerk Deanne Lee Kistler. Deanne Lee Kistler told Charles that judge is requesting that someone appears. Ariel Carter agreed to appear and request a continuance on our behave because she would be in that court that day on other matters. On May 3rd, Simon Budwani called me to tell me that the judge ruled against us, even though councel requested a continuance. I called the clerk to ask her. I asked,” Deanne did my attorney call to request a continuance and if so did you tell the someone had to appear to request a continuance. Deanne Lee Kistler responded, “No Comment”. I asked a second time, to be clear I am asking did my attorney call to ask for a continuance and you told them someone had to appear. Dean Lee Kistler’s second response was, “ No Comment.” I thank her, which her a good weekend and hung up the phone. SEE Phone Record my call to the court calling on May 3rd.

During May 3rd court hearing. The court begins her verbal attack of me. She makes reference to limited scope hiring of my attorneys ( I didn’t request limited scope agreement) It was my understanding it was limited scope because I was unable to provide a credit card. I was unable to provide a credit care because Judge Heidel didn’t order supposal support. My credit cards went into default because I had no income.  Judge Heidel calls me unreasonable because I hired an attorney to handle my spousal support matter and to request additional attorney fees. Someone please explain to me, how my behavior is unreasonable? I was virtually a housewife for the last 15 years of my marriage. I took responsibilities for the household duties including raising our daughter who received a Merit Scholarship to St John University, I cooked and cleaned and emotional supported my husband. I emotionally supported my husband to my best ability while being in an emotionally abusive marriage. I endured his infidelity. When he left me, I did everything I could to support myself by driving for ride share which compromised my already injured spine. My husband earns $170,000 annually.  He is an executive for this non-profit. His annual salary is published. I didn’t earn an income for the last 10 years of our marriage. She was aware that I had no medical issues, that my husband is abusive. I even submitted several email correspondences where I begged employers for a  job. She also knew that I as receiving food stamps. Judge Heidel is behaving like a classic racist in power in America. Treating me less than human. She goes on to make a negative comment about awarding additional attorney’s fees.  My attorney is attempting to consolidate the dates to be cost effective with the inadequate award she had awarded. She has the audacity to say this statements in open court. The opposing attorney and my husband agreed to move the dates. In the name of justice, why would she rule is such a way? Why would she make such statements about me? There is an obvious bias. This type of treatment of black people has been going on since we were kidnapped and brought to his country. Judge Heidel attitude is that of a racist who thinks I deserve less than a white woman.

May 3rd transcripts Page 3 line 7. My husband’s attorney request that the minute order reflect what the judge said because both parties agreed to move the date.

My husband attorney’s  attempts to move the dates to July to give them ample time to get caught up to speed and prepare.  She declines and moves the date to June 21st. A normal person wouldn’t view Judge Heidel as being unbiased. She rules against me at every possible turn without cause. Even when the opposing party is in agreement, she rules against me to make my life difficult. A reasonable person cannot explain this behavior other than prejudice and or bias. She goes on to say that she will not hear a request for spousal support. I was in a 23 year marriage where my husband was the sole income earner for the last 10 years of the marriage. The judge didn’t order spousal support, I have no income and am now on Food Stamps. Coming to court to try obtain a fair spousal support award isn’t unreasonable unless it’s expected from a black woman. 

(May 3rd Transcripts Page 4 line 24)  The Court: I’m concerned because the court did award attorney’s fees and then respondent has gone and hired an attorney limited scope to address a motion for reconsideration of a temporary spousal support order and file a motion for additional attorney fees. So I’m concerned about the reasonableness of additional attorney fees request going forward if that‘s the way the attorney fees are going to be spent.

I didn’t request to hire an attorney for Limited Scope. Initial I received an email from C.O.R.E law group asking for a credit card. I respond saying I didn’t have a credit card. Later they request that I sign an amendment agreement. I am not an attorney. I didn’t understand the nature of Limited Scope. I thought it was limited scope because I had limited funds. They were handling the Motion To Reconsider the Spousal Support because extremely bias  in favor of my husband from Judge Heidel.  I didn’t have an attorney. I didn’t understand the nature of Dissomaster. The Dissomaster she used didn’t have accurate figures. The Judge ruled using incorrect factors. I had not income, I have been borrowing money and having yard sales to pay my utility. Up until March I didn’t have money for food. I was approved for Food Stamps in April. My attorney was going to try to get a proper spousal support and additional attorney fees. The judge only awarded $5000. By this date, my husband had already spend $10,000 on attorney fees. I have demonstrated that my husband is hiding money. I need to hire an attorney to subpoena bank records. I was ordered to respond to discover request. My husband requested that I answer discover of over 60 questions. I don’t know how to intelligently and legally answer the question. The average divorce attorney is $360 and hour. A lawyer will probably bill me $1000 just to help with the discovery request. The judge saying that I am being unreasonable shows extreme bias. 

Further, my attempt to consolidate the hearings and possibly coming to a comprise with my husband on other matters is not only reasonable, but cost effective considering. Please see my husband’s attorneys testimony. 

(Transcripts May 3rd court date Page 2 line 9-18)

Ms. Carter: I understand, your honor. My understanding is that the respondent’s counsel was retained limited scope to continue this matter and to file an additional RFO. There are several RFO’s ln the courts calendar right now. And in an effort to try to consolidate some of the matters and hopefully resolve some of the matters, we did agree to continue today’s hearing out to a date in July, as well as advance respondence June 14th hearing and continue that as well. 

Please acknowledge my husband’s attorney agreed to move dates in and effort to resolve matter economically. The court,  Judge Sarah Heidel had NO LEGAL BASIS for denying the request Her intentions are with malice and intent to harm me because I am a black woman. 

Let me give additional background. I had a June 14th date for Motion To Reconsider Vocational Evaluation. Remembering on March 14, Judge  Sarah Heidel ruled against me. I didn’t completely decline the Vocational Evaluation I asked to revisit once I was represented.  Charles Major coordinated with Ariel Carter to move these dates. Please see emails below. 

Instead of moving the June 14 date to July the court moved the June 14th date to June 21 to consolidate with a date on the calendar that I and  my attorney was never aware of. Ariel Carter had filed a Motional to Compel Vocational Evaluation and Motional to Compel Discovery.  I was not aware of these dates or issues.  Apparently, Ariel Carter claims she mailed me an Interrogatories request. I never received these documents. I will discuss the specifics surrounding the issue of discovery when I discuss the June 21 court date.  The 2ndMotional on the calendar was Motion To Compel Vocational Evaluation.  Take note my June 14th court date was Motion to Reconsider Vocational Evaluation. I filed a motion to reconsider vocational evaluation. I wanted to consult an attorney first.  If the Judge would have agreed to move all the dates in July, there is a good chance my attorneys would have negotiated with Ariel. Charles Major and Ariel Carter had worked together previously. Which is one of the reasons I think she agreed to appear on our behave. 

Please be clear that Judge Heidel is always in agreement with my white husband’s request. She moves my court date, to a court date for my husband to minimize his cost for attorney fees, but she refuses my cost. I am writing this am I am trying so hard not to be emotional. These types of treatments hurt, no burns my heart. As a black woman, I am constantly confronted with unequal treatment. I try my best not to allow this to crush my outlook. I am human each time I am confronted with these inequalities my fight or flight responses emerge. My heart races, I become nauseated. I remember Oprah Winfrey, once saying black people died for me. If someone can give their life so I can be treated with fairness and dignity I have to find the strength to push through. 

My husband was angry because Judge Sarah Heidel orders a small award. He went a filed a bogus Restraining Order. This issue was heard by a judge who follows the law.

The Restraining Order heard by Judge John Slawson

Thank you for reading thus far. If you are a black woman who has had a similar experience. Please share your story in the comments. They do this to us because they stick together. We must stick together.

If you can offer advice or assistance please leave a comment.



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