Four Rogue City of Industry Sheriff broke in my home

On September 23, 2020 4 rogue Sheriff Deputies broke in my at 8:30pm at night. Sheriff Deputy lead by Anthony Pulido of the City of Industry Sheriff Department. The four sheriff deputies broke in my home and threaten to arrest me if I didn’t leave. I was afraid for my life so I left my home. I am now homeless. Racist Judge Sarah Heidel of the Pomona Court in Los Angeles County sent four deputies to break in my house. The threatened to arrest me if I didn’t leave. Their motivation was to disposed of the evidence I have against racist Judge Sarah Heidel of her abusive of judicial discretion. I am currently homeless. Judge Sarah Heidel with the help of the the supervisor of the clerk of court are trying to sell my home and cheat me out of the sale of the home.

Judge Lawrence P Riff aided and abet Judge Sarah Heidel in her hate crime.

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