The Savages are coming for my neck!! PLEASE! PLEASE! HELP ME…

I am suffering, I have no resources to help me. I spent 20 years in an abusive marriage that took it’s a toll on my mental health. Now I have two judges trying to annihilate me just because my skin is black! I am not sleeping, my body aches and the only thing that is saving me is that because I went through so much suffering in my marriage I develop tools to change my self talk. I am battling, my body and my mind not to give in. I need some assistance.

So far this horrible judge refused to move the court date so my attorney and my husband’s attorney could resolve matters. Then she wrongly order Motion To Compel which was illegal and against policy. I have no money, I am eating from food stamps and my husband of 23 years is living his best life vacationing. This is happening to me for no other reason than I am a black woman.

I tried to file a Motion to have this woman disqualified from my case. The clerk told me she didn’t know what to do. She went to get her supervisor Arturo Quintero. He was very combative with me. He told me I had the wrong form. That I had to do a peremptory challenge. I knew what he was talking about, but that isn’t what I was filing. What he told me to do is something you do within a few days of your first hearing or maybe even before. I was filing a Motion To Disqualify this racist woman. The man Arturo Quintero wouldn’t allow me to file the motion. He told me he had to talk to the judge first. I attempted to videotape him. I asked him to repeat why he wasn’t allowing me to file the Motion. He threatened to call security on me. I have him on video threatening me. This is how the situation escalates with black people. They call police officers and who do you think they automatically thing is in the wrong? Please realize this is all happening to me because I am black, my husband is white.

The next week I received a notice stating I didn’t serve the judge. I didn’t serve the judge because this man didn’t give me a court date. When you file a motion you are given a court date.

SEE THE MOTION Motion To Disqualify

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Prior, the Motion to I filed a Motion To Reconsider, The court date was September 23. I had been battling migraines and the blues for weeks. My doctor gave me Imitrex that worsen my insomnia. I hadn’t slept in days. I knew I couldn’t go before this judge. I finally went to sleep like 6 am. Before I asked my son to call the court in the morning tells them about my migraines. The next day I called to see could I have the case put back on the calendar. I couldn’t get any info. I looked online, she moved my case to Los Angeles with a Judge Riff. I thought great! A new judge, but I was mistaken. She sent me to a real racist judge who was very nasty and disrespectful to me. This is an ongoing theme for me as a black woman.

Our court date was October 25th. I was still having these headaches and anxiety. I was literally not sleeping. On the day of court, I had another episode of insomnia for over 3 days. I thought it important that I appear. When we first went before the judge I explained I was NOT mentally capable of having a hearing. This judge Grand Master Lawrence Riff, could care less about what I was saying. I was having a hard time following him because I haven’t slept. This is what always happens, they allow my husband’s lawyer to speak. Then each time I try to speak they cut me off. When I told him Judge Sarah Heidel was racist, he responded that was my opinion. That statement shows bias, insinuating that she wasn’t racist. If he didn’t have a dog in that fight why did he need to make that statement? She has clearly acted in bias manner throughout my case. When I brought up the word black woman Grand Dragon Judge Riff cut me off. When I told him my husband was abusive he cut me off. He even threatened to give me sanctions for trying to speak. He said, that I had an impulse problem. Impulse control relates to the Prefrontal Cortex in the brain. I hadn’t slept in days, it is conceivable that I was experiencing impulse problems. But this was about me being a black woman and not being heard. He was trying to shut me up so there wouldn’t be relevant testimony on the record. He moved our court date to January 7, 2020. He gave me a referral for the Self-Help to do a Declaration of Disclosure and a Service Posting Publication.

To the readers, I have to go backwards! I just received the transcripts from September 23. I had a court date for a Motion to Reconsider Motion to Compel Discovery. I couldn’t make it because I had my migraine episodes. I called the court multiple times to try to get the request put back on the calendar, but I couldn’t get a response. I just read the transcripts. According to the transcript, there was a Trial Readiness Conference on Sept 23, 2019. I had no knowledge of this Trial Readiness Conference. I am not an attorney, Judge Sarah Heidel never questions anything my husband attorney says. She is a liar. In the transcripts, Ariel Carter says she sent me exhibits. This isn’t true. In the transcripts, Ariel Carter says she tried to Meet and Confer. Ariel Carter has never tried to Meet and Confer. She has only called me once when my husband received a new job. She called me to ask me to sign something for his 401k. I called her back, she didn’t answer. She had an associate in her office Emily Palido to call me from Ariel Carter’s phone. Emily Palido tried to convince me that Ariel wasn’t sleeping with my husband. I told her I didn’t care about that. My husband’s attorney lies and none of the judges question what she says because she is defending my white husband. I told Emily that I was going to contact every news organization I could to make the aware of this situation and ask them to investigate.

The situations worsen, my husband’s attorney tried to file a Motion to have me declared as a Vexatious litigant. She is trying to take my rights away from me. She knows that this racist Judge Sarah Heidel always rules in her favor. Since I thought she moved my case from the Pomona Court to Stanley Mosk in Los Angeles. I filed the Motion to Disqualify based on Racial Bias at this courthouse.

I went to the Pomona Sheriff Department to have Judge Sarah Heidel served. I gave the service request to a woman named Paula. The next day Paula called me on the phone told me I had to take it to LA. This didn’t make sense, I once asked the same lady to serve my husband lawyer in Rancho Cuagamonga. She told me I had to go to Rancho to have it served. Judge Sarah Heidel sits on the bench at the same court house as the Sheriff. Paula told me if I would come and change the courthouse information she would fax it to them. What she did was ,she changed the cover sheet. She whited out the Motion to Disqualify for Racial Bias and wrote in Motion to Recuse. These are different items that should be handled differently. I have the phone records of her calling me. I will update and insert the phone records tomorrow. This alone calls for an investigation. I have had multiple issue with this entire Pomona Department. This court house has a repretation for racial bias. There are probably less that 5% black population being serviced by this courthouse.

I have my date for the Vexatious litigant. My husbands attorney filed in the Pomona Court with Judge Sarah Heidel again. I am not sure why I have two judges hearing my divorce case. I don’t even sure this is legal. My health is failing. I am literally not sleeping because of anxiety, migraines headaches the other issues from the Concussion Syndrome. I have the Motion To Disqualify For Racial Bias on the calendar. I literally did not sleep for days. I was able to drive to the court house. My son drove me.

Please review the transcripts from December 18th. As usually the transcripts are not accurate. The court reporter constantly omits information. Her attitudes has changed. She was always short with me, but not her emails are a bit more friendly. When I called Judge Sarah Heidel a racist and bully she became alarmed. The bailiff had put a paper on the table for me but I didn’t notice. Realize this is my having slept in days. She was embarrassed because I pointed at her and my husband and I say, ” You white people don’t think you have to follow the law” She was shook after that. She jumped up screamed at the court, recess. The bailiff came out, he took the paper he gave me away from me. The transcripts are always doctored. What happens is I read the law that says I should have an attorney. She always interrupts me because she know she sabotaged my right to an attorney.

See the transcripts Here


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