Grand Dragon Lawrence Riff step in to save Snow White

Progressively this is getting harder and harder on me. It’s time that I feel paralyzed with anxiety and fear. This is taken a physical toll on my body. I am physically sick while typing these words. I have to literally force myself to continue.

I went to court, in good spirit. I had taken two melatonin’s I was fairly in good mental space. Soon as I arrive I see this man has nasty demeanor. This was January 7, 2020. The hearing for the Motion to Disqualify Judge Sarah Heidel was on the calendar for January 13, 2020. To remind you Judge Sarah Heidel referred my case to Grand Dragon Judge Lawrence Riff. Now both these judges are taking turns raping me! I don’t know how my case is being heard in two courts? He refused to hear it. He took it off the calendar. While it was on the calendar I don’t believe he was allowed to address any issues. BRACE yourself for what he did to me. He says, made orders on the last court. I was bewildered. I said no sir. You didn’t. You even made a statement that I shouldn’t be upset because you were not making any orders. This racist Judge Lawrence Riff stood up, lied about multiple things and he sanctions me. LOOK WHAT HE DID BELOW! He read the Motion to Disqualify that is full of evidence. Racist Judge Sarah Heidel told him what I said to her in court. This was a big GET IN YOUR PLACE NIGGA MOVE. Writing about this is very hard for me. I order the transcripts. See the documents below. I will update this section when I have the transcripts. He told the bailiff to escort me out of the court for no reason. I am waiting for the transcript. Black People If you are reading this I really need legal help. PLEASE? Go to the Robing Room to see how bad this guy is Robing Room Judge Lawrence P. Riff is a racist.

If you are an attorney and all comments or suggestions are appreciated. You can make it hypothetical. I NEED HELP! PLEASE! Judge Lawrence P Riff





Judge Lawrence P Riff is the supervising judge who aided and abet Judge Sarah Heidel

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